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Ear, Nose, and Throat

Dr. Jeffrey Ahn has an ENT practice in both Manhattan and Fort Lee locations. He performs surgeries in fully equipped operating rooms at both of his offices and at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center for ENT and cosmetic surgeries.

Dr. Ahn is one of the only surgeons in New York performing da Vinci® transoral robotic surgeries- the newest technology available and potentially the most effective minimally invasive surgical treatment for diseases of the head and neck.

Cosmetic Surgery

Consultation for cosmetic surgeries is also offered at both Manhattan and Fort Lee offices. The cosmetic consultation fee is not covered by insurance; however this fee is deducted from the final fee when patients schedule a surgery. The cosmetic surgeries can be done in the office ambulatory surgery centers. For patients from out of state or out of the country, we can provide post-operative accomodations at a reasonable price.

Sinusitis Treatment・Surgery

The medical/surgical treatment of sinusitis is at the heart of Dr. Ahn's practice. Surgeries are done using the latest technology to help decrease the patient's discomfort during and after the surgery.





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