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Full allergy testing and treatment such as immunotherapy (allergy shots) are available at Dr. Ahn’s clinic. Dr. Ahn especially focuses on mold allergy which is often overlooked in most routine allergy screening tests.

Allergy immunotherapy is currently the only treatment that has the potential to cure allergy. Allergies occur because the immune system responds to normally harmless environmental substances called allergens. Approximately 25% of working people suffer from allergy, with the number growing rapidly. The treatment administers doses of allergenic material that causes the immune system to become less sensitive to a substance.

For over 50 years, these shots have proven to gradually reduce, or more often eliminate symptoms. Up to 90% of patients have significantly improved with shots because the treatment remains effective for at least 6 years after treatment is discontinued. When treatment is properly administered, medication use can decrease and your quality of life will greatly increase. Allergy shots are all natural therapy and do not involve medication or chemicals.


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