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Sinus Disorders


The medical/surgical treatment of sinusitis is at the heart of Dr. Ahn’s practice. Dr. Ahn is one of the pioneers in balloon sinuplasty, the least invasive sinus treatment available, and in the use of Strata sinus implants. He  performs endoscopic sinus surgery with the most advanced CT image-guided navigation for improved accuracy and safety, available in the office surgery facility. Dr. Ahn is especially well known for his packing-free nasal and sinus surgical techniques, which greatly minimize patient discomfort during the post-operative period. The newest microdebrider technology with built-in bipolar cautery is used for minimally invasive turbinate reduction, promoting faster healing as one of the treatments of nasal obstruction. These surgeries can be done as an outpatient procedure, either in Dr. Ahn's office or at Columbia University Medical Center.


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